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The Hub offers a wide range of scholarships to support medical students and doctors in training to engage with research, professional development and conferences.

Please review the guidelines before applying.

Please note: under no circumstances can the Hub reimburse awardees for costs already paid.


Western NSW Regional Training Hub Scholarship Guidelines



Background Information

The Federal Government provides funding to the University of Sydney to host Regional Training Hubs at three sites as an initiative which commenced in mid-2017. The Western NSW Regional Hub is based at the School of Rural Health at Dubbo/Orange.

The Western Regional Training Hub funding directly supports the Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP) for Medicine. The Hub staff work with local health services to provide support and incentive for medical students to move through the rural pipeline; enabling students to continue their training from Medical School to postgraduate medical training and working within rural Australia.


Key roles for the Hub include:

  • Assisting the health service in the development of and gaining accreditation for specialist and rural generalist training positions.

  • Providing training and support for supervisors and mentors who support trainees in the pipeline

  • Working with medical students and pre-vocational trainees to assist them in identifying possible career training paths to enable them to continue practice in a rural/regional environment

  • Working with the Colleges as needed to assist with accreditation of newly identified training posts

  • Provide and coordinate teaching sessions for vocational trainees and access to online resources including library access and teaching spaces at the Hub locations

  • Assist with the coordination of the rotations to urban clinical rotations for a portion of their training

  • Organise and promote activities to decrease professional and social isolation for basic and advanced vocational trainees.


Scholarship Categories
  • Attendance at State or National conference (preference is given to applicants who have had an abstract accepted for either presentation or poster).

  • Attendance at Workshop / Seminar relevant to the applicant’s role

  • Assistance to write up research

  • Assistance with fees for online courses directly related to the trainee’s area of clinical practice


Applicants should be aware that scholarship funding may not necessarily cover the whole of conference / workshop / seminar /research/course costs. No funding will be considered for salary replacement purposes.



One scholarship per year per applicant valued at up to $1,500 may be awarded to:​

  • Individuals who are currently employed as PGY 1’s or 2’s at Orange or Dubbo Health Service who can demonstrate a commitment to rural practice and are on permanent allocation for PGY 1 and2

  • Medical students located at or on extended rotation to the School of Rural Health [Dubbo/Orange]

  • Scholarships may be offered to GP registrars located in Western NSW or other medical students at the discretion of the Hub

  • Doctors in training from PGY3 and above may be considered for specific scholarships

  • Each applicant will be assessed on merit


How are scholarships awarded?
  • All applications are assessed by the Western Regional Hub staff against demonstrated selection criteria

  • Please ensure residential, workplace and email addresses are included in the application. All notifications will be electronic but please include a home address as part of the application

  • Successful applicants will be required to provide a short evaluation statement (minimum one page) of the conference/ workshop / seminar /research/course achievements to Hub staff within 7 days of return/ completion of the activity

  • Reports should include the objectives of the educational opportunity as taken from the application and how they were met, the benefits from attending and how the participant intends to share information with colleagues

  • The reports may be used to assess the value of a conference / workshop / seminar, online course or research for future applicants and in producing a report for the Western Regional Training Hub


Scholarships are awarded at the absolute discretion of the Western Regional Training Hub.
The decision is final and there will be no appeal mechanism.


All travel, fees, accommodation required for the activity will be paid for by the University of Sydney and travel documents will be emailed to the successful applicants as required.

Under no circumstances can the Hub reimburse awardees for costs already paid.


Closing dates

For specific scholarship programs, please email completed applications to Western-NSW.Regional-Training- by 0800 on a date specified in the email to which the application and guidelines are attached. Applications for unspecified conferences and workshops may be lodged at any time to the above email address.


When will I know?

Receipt of application will be acknowledged by email within two working days with decisions made and offers extended within one week of closing date. For unspecified applications decisions will be made and offers extended with a minimum of two weeks’ notice. Unspecified applications are to be lodged no less than four weeks prior to an event commencing.

How do I apply
  • Complete the application form and attach copies as requested. Ensure only copies of documents are attached and

  • Forward application form and any requested documentation to:

 Attention: Applications Hub Scholarship Program



Before submitting your application, please check the following for inclusion in your submission:

  • My application demonstrates I am either engaged in or committed to undertaking rural medical education and practice. (There may be exceptions when offered to specialty groups)

  • I have described how the conference relates directly to my current role, and how the conference will benefit my work practice.

  • I have listed any other scholarships received in the last 2years

  • I will be available to attend the selected activity during the time-frame described.

  • I have given budget details, preferred flights including airline, flight number etc. Please also specify a need for taxis so that cab charges can be made available.

  • I have signed and dated my application

  • My application form is saved in the following format:

    • surname_initial_activity_date submitted for example


Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
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